Welcome beings of EARTH!!!! (and beyond)


WARNING: Readers witnessing the following article(s) may be subject to extreme brain blanks (otherwise know as brain farts or brain squeezes.) Blindess may also occur from witnessing the awesomeness. Dark-tinted glasses or 3D glasses are advised. If you just experienced a Brain Squeeze, you can read the same thing on the Ecologist page.

Good Evening, Madame or Mister...may I take your coat?

Ok. You are probably wondering what this website is about. Who can tell me? How about...you, there in the back.....in the orange shirt...can you tell me....?......No, it is (sadly) not about flying ninja monkeys. This website is about the Ocean Biome, or the Ocean. We talk about what the ocean is, what lives in it and how  those things function, what affects it, and what destroys it.

Now, the second question you probably have in your mind is "Are they doning this for fun?" And, see, since we are strange children, the answer is..............still No. We are doing this for a SCIENCE EXTENSION. That's spelled with an "S", children. So, feel free to click aorund. We are currently not finished in all aspects of this website, but check out what's here!!!